Care instructions

How to Extend the life of your Jewellery Piece:
  • Store jewellery in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.
  • Avoid exposing jewellery to harsh chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, and cleaning products.
  • Clean jewellery regularly using a soft cloth or brush and mild soap in lukewarm water.
  • Use a polishing cloth specifically designed for jewelry to restore shine and remove tarnish.
  • Remove jewellery before engaging in activities such as swimming, exercising, or household chores.
  • Inspect jewellery periodically for loose stones, worn prongs, or other signs of damage, and have them repaired by a professional jeweller if necessary.
  • Keep different types of jewellery separate to prevent scratching and tangling.
  • Store silver jewellery in anti-tarnish pouches or cloth to slow down tarnishing.
  • Consider professional cleaning and maintenance for valuable or delicate pieces.
These steps can help maintain the beauty and longevity of your jewellery collection.
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