A leap of faith that turned into a dream come true

Steel Magnolia is the soft details, the bits of sentiment, and the evergreen pieces that will travel through generations. Steel Magnolia is the handmade pieces, the dreams brought to life, and the missing piece to perfect human. Steel Magnolia is the start of a journey, the symbol of love and trust, and the reminder of what it means to care.

Meet Celeste

She is the founder and owner of the brand, and her journey started at the young age of 20.

Celeste has always had such a love for jewelry that one day she followed her entrepreneurial instincts and jumped head-first into opening a business.

It was not too difficult, as she has a Bcom Strategic Management degree as well as a Digital Marketing Degree to her name, the only challenge was the actual jewellery making.

In 2020, armed with a few YouTube tutorials and a whole lot of passion, Steel Magnolia was born. Back then, it was just Celeste, designing and handcrafting each piece with love (and maybe a few bruised fingers along the way!).

For three years Celeste successfully ran SMJ on her own, but came to a point where she realized that to blossom truly, Steel Magnolia needed more than her -

So, she took a deep breath, put her faith in the Lord and embarked on a transformation.

Celeste rebranded everything.

She expanded her team with talented jewelers, designed a whole new product catalog, invested time and money into photoshoots, and finally she is using all of her knowledge in marketing and business to take Steel Magnolia to the next level.

At Steel Magnolia, transparency is our foundation. Honest dialogue and ethical practices fuel our passion for creating timeless pieces.

Together, we embrace responsibility and push boundaries, always striving for that A-player edge.

Success isn't a solo act; it's a garden we cultivate with integrity, nurturing dreams into reality.

We believe in every piece we create, because each one is made with love, dedication, and the best of who we are. So, welcome to our world, where an idea meets timeless designs, and every piece tells a story waiting to be heard.

This is Steel Magnolia. This is us.

With love and gratitude,

Celeste & the Team

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